The sun is shining, the weather is warm… so what about going for a swim ? Head for Hommes Lake. Here, former stone quarries were converted into a lake. Now, in summer, lifeguards watch over bathers, so you can enjoy a refreshing dip in safety.

A beach in the countryside !

This summer, find a refreshing spot; with its lake, aquatic park and waterside restaurant, welcome to Hommes !

enjoy sunbathing at Hommes Lake

Hommes offers all you need to entertain all the family, including the little ones. You can laze on the fine sandy beaches, or walk around the lake, on a track meandering through the greenery, or make the most of the specially laid out picnic area.

The braver among you can try out the super cool inflatables at the aquatic park. Will you stay on? Will you fall ? Hold on tight, try to topple your friends, jump or bounce up and down, have a blast !

Test your skills at the aquatic park !

The Guinguette – 100% summer-time

Perhaps between two games of volleyball you could take a break at the waterside guinguette, Les Farmers, to order a drink or eat a bite. And enjoy listening to the concerts put on here during the summer…

Order a drink at the guinguette

just a few steps from the lake

Whether in the midday sun or in the early evening, Hommes Lake can provide you with a fine taste of Touraine’s gentle way of life.  

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