Consider carrying home a bit of Touraine in your bags ! To prolong your holidays and to let your nearest and dearest discover our destination back home, there’s nothing better than something Made in Touraine! Here we list some particularly special items for you – local produce and clever ideas to give as gifts or for you to enjoy yourself…

  • Local wine, obviously! Choose from 50 shades of red, white, rosé and sparkling!
  • Rillons, tasty pieces of pork, a staple of Touraine gastronomy.
  • A pot (or two) of Rillettes de Tours, a thick pâté lovely on toast.
  • A delicious wine tart.
  • Sweet specialities from Pâtisserie Brémaud.
  • Craft beers from Les Farmers.
  • Sarmance organic cosmetics, made using Loire wines.
  • Corolle® dolls, for children and children at heart…
  • Vouchers for visiting some of our châteaux on a next holiday in our area!
  • Gabriel Simon tasty terrines.
  • And …
  • a mass of memories, of course!
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