Sunglasses perched on your nose, skin bronzing thanks to the suntan lotion, an icecream melting wickedly in your hand… ah, summer’s simple pleasures. The icing on the cake? Enjoying all this, your feet dangling in cooling waters!

Discover lovely bathing spots around Touraine Nature as the days warm up!

Seek out the bathing spots around the Touraine Nature area: lakes, swimming pools or leisure centres… the choice is yours where you lay down your towel! Whether after relaxing, sporty or natural spots, there’s something for all tastes.

Why not enjoy some relaxing lengths in the heated pools of the swimming baths at Langeais. Or then gently melt away your stresses in the sun, reading a good book or savouring an unbeatable lake view.

A children’s play area

volley ball


Or choose a more challgening sporty option. Both the Lac du Val Joyeux and Hommes Lake offer a wide range of outdoor activities: angling, volleyball, tennis, mountain-biking, pétanque (boules), or games for children. You can appreciate an active summer in these green settings, where picnics and walks are also easy to organize for the family.

Sample a distinctively French guinguette (a waterside summer restaurant) at Hommes Lake – the music may get you dancing!

The guinguette right beside Hommes Lake

At the Lac du Val Joyeux, you might tackle the fitness trail set in lovely greenery before enjoying a good siesta on the warm water-side sands, dropping off to the joyous sounds of children having a scream of a time.

The Lac du Val Joyeux at Château-la-Vallière

The outdoor leisure centre at Bourgueil has a games area you can make use of for free, plus various water-based activities you can sign up for, all in an ideal setting for a great afternoon out with the family.

The Parc du Capitaine at Bourgueil

For your peace of mind, note that all these bathing spots have lifeguards on duty during the summer period.

Whether after a shaded spot, say for a picnic, or lovely sandy beaches, for sunbathing perhaps, a peaceful hideaway, or challenging activities – make the most of these bathing spots in summer!

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