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Château de Chenonceau

billet chateau chenonceau prix reduit Magnificently furnished, the Loire’s French Renaissance ‘Château des Dames’ spans the Cher River ever so gracefully.

  • Adult prices:  13€ / 14,50€
  • 7-18 y-o: 11,50€
  • Audio-guide: out of stock
Château de Villandry

The world-famous Renaissance-style gardens at Villandry are to be admired beside the very elegant 16th-century moated château

  • Adult prices:  10€ / 11€
  • 7-18 y-o: 6,30€ / 7€
  • Available from April 1st to November 1st
Château de chambord

The most outsized of all the Loire Valley’s châteaux, with 282 chimneys, among other things, is a masterpiece of the French Renaissance.

  • Adult prices: 12€ / 14,50€
  • Under 26 y-o: free
  • Open year-round
Château royal d’amboise

Royal home to French kings Charles VIII and François I, the Château d’Amboise offers exceptional views across the Loire Valley.

  • Adult prices: 12,30€ / 12,80€
  • 7-18 y-o: 8,50€ / 8,80€
  • Open year-round
Château d’Azay-le-rideau

azay le rideau

Véritable joyau de la Renaissance française édifié sous le patronnage de François 1er sur une île au milieu de l’Indre.

  • Adult prices ( >26 ans):  10,50€
  • < 18 y-o: free
  • Open year-round
Château du clos lucé

In the heart of Amboise, visit Le Clos Lucé, given by King François I to Leonardo da Vinci, his genius and visionary inventions recalled in both manor and grounds.

  • Adult prices: 14,80€ / 16,00€
  • 7-18 y-o: 11,00€ / 11,50€
  • Valid until 15/11/19
Château royal de blois

Home to seven French kings and ten queens of France, Blois Royal Château also offers a fascinating display of the finest French architecture from the Middle Ages to the 17th century.

  • Adult prices: 9€ / 12€
  • Under 6 y-o: free
  • Open year-round
Château de cheverny

The elegant Château de Cheverny, featured in the Tintin adventures, with a 3D exhibition on the cartoon character, plus formal gardens and a labyrinth, provides a memorable day out.

  • Adult prices:  12€
  • 7-14 y-o: 9
  • Open year-round
Château de Langeais

Château de Langeais

The castle of Langeais, both a fortress and a prince residence, contains many treasures: carved furniture, rich curtains and pieces of art recall the life of the great lords.

  • Adult prices:  9,5€ / 10,5€
  • 10-17 y-o: 5,2€
  • Open year-round
Chinon Royal Fortress

The fortress, with its majestic position overlooking the town, built by Count Thibaut I of Blois, invites the visitor into the heart of France’s and England’s history.

  • Adult : 9€ /  10,50€
  • < 7 y-o: free
  • Open year-round

 Château de Vaujours

Go back in time at these romantic castle ruins dating back to the 15th century.

  • Adult :  5€ / 6€
  • < 12 y-o: free
  • Annual closing
 Château de gizeux

An impressive family home on Touraine’s border with Anjou.

  • Adult :  8€ / 9€
  • < 18 y-o: free
  • Annual closing
 Château de Marcilly/maulne

Built in the late 16th century by order of Charles Fouquet.

  • Adult : 7€
  • < 12 y-o: free
  • Annual closing
 Château de l’islette

A haven of peace set in the heart of the Indre Valley, this château once witnessed the love affair between the great sculptors Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin.

  • Adult : 9€ / 9,50€
  • < 8 y-o: free
  • Annual closing
 Château de Champchevrier

Chateau de Champchevrier

Come and visit a lively château, located in the heart of a large wooded site and which has been inhabited by the same family for three centuries.

  • Adult :  9,5€
  • 7-16 y-o: 7,5€
  • Annual closing
 cité royale de loches

Discover Loches Royal Citadel’s diverse historic buildings, from Foulques Nerra’s keep to the royal lodge, one of the Valois dynasty’s favourite residences.

  • Adult : 9€  /  10,50€
  • < 7 y-o: free
  • Open year-round
Forteresse de Montbazon

Billets forteresse Montbazon

Plongez au coeur du Moyen-âge! Du haut de son éperon rocheux, la forteresse vous attend pour une aventure hautement médiévale.

  • Adult:  10€ /  11,50€
  • 5-12 y-o: 7€ / 7,50€
  • Annual closing
 Château de Angers

This impressive medieval fortress built above the Maine River displays the staggering Tapestries of the Apocalypse series.

  • Adult :  8€ /  9€
  • < 18 y-o: free
  • Open year-round
 Château du rivau

With its fairy-tale gardens beside the château, a tour of this castle and its grounds offers a magical mix of history, art, botany and enchantment.

  • Adult : 9.5€ / 11€
  • 5-18 y-o: 6€/7€
  • Annuel closing


Zoos & Leisure Activities

Beauval Zoo

Classed among the ten most beautiful zoos in the world, the ZooParc de Beauval presents around 8,000 animals.

  • Adult :  30€ / 32€
  • 3-10 y-o:23,50€ / 26€
  • Open year-round
 bioparc doué- la-fontaine

The Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine boasts a truly unique setting, some 1,000 animals occupying former underground quarries.

  • Adult :  21€ /22,5€
  • 3-10 y-o:16€/17,50€
  • Available until nov. 30th
Trip out on Loire river

Une balade en bateau traditionnel de Loire à Langeais tous les jours sur réservation uniquement, avec Endremage.

  • Price for 1 hr:  12€
  • 3-10 y-o: 9€
  • At the reception only


Musée Rabelais at La Devinière

The birthplace of the great French Renaissance comic writer Rabelais, La Devinière is an historic farm transformed, in Rabelais’s novels, into a giants’ ‘château’ and the epicentre of Gargantua’s mock ‘Picrocholine Wars’.

  • Adult :  5€ / 6€
  • < 7 y-o: free
 demeure de ronsard

St-Cosme Priory just west of Tours was once home to the great 16th-century French poet Ronsard, evoked on a tour around the priory ruins with their gorgeous gardens.

  • Adult :  5€ / 6€
  • < 7 y-o: free
Musée Balzac at Saché

The prolific 19th-century French writer Honoré de Balzac (born in Tours in 1799) regularly visited this rustic château set in two hectares of grounds along the Indre Valley; the museum here recalls the life and works of this French Dickens.

  • Adult :  5€  / 6€
  • < 7 y-o: free
 Musée maurice dufresne

The Maurice Dufresne Museum is named after the man who built up these impressive collections of vehicles, machines and period pieces.

  • Adult :  12€
  • 10-17 y-o: 5€
  • Annual closing
 Vallée Troglodytique

Les Goupillières, outside Azay-le-Rideau, consists of three farms whose buildings were dug into the local limestone slopes, making a magical place to discover for young and old alike.

  • Adult :  6,4€ / 6,9€
  • 5-17 y-o: 4,5€ / 5
  • Annuel closing
 Cave de la Dive Bouteille

 Cave de la Dive BouteilleDécouvrez les terroirs du bourgueillois et admirez les pressoirs seigneuriaux cachés au fond de la cave troglodytique

  • > 18 y-o:   5€
  • Tour + sampling
  • Annual closing

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