For you, and just for you, we’ve chosen some original, convivial, fun ways to head out and discover the secrets of our AOC wines…

Follow our red wine lines!

Of course, you can go knocking at the doors of the many wineries within the areas of the AOCs Bourgueil, Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil and Touraine…

Of course, you can immerse yourself in the meandering underground cellars hidden under our vine-covered slopes…

Of course, you can enjoy encounters, conversations and festivities on one of the many open days put on by local winemakers throughout the year…

Of course, you can taste diverse local wines in one of our Maison des Vins…

But consider further wine adventures!

Idea n°1: a playful oenological outing

Playing on the wine theme with Audrey of Ame Wine…

Can you identify each wine?

Ame Wine leads you off the beaten track to discover the Loire Valley’s wine appellations. Via playful oenological rallies, vineyard and winery tours, tasting lessons and more… enjoy mixing pleasure and education with great encounters!

Idea n°2: a tour on a gyropod

Discover Touraine in an unusual manner

including amidst our vineyards

By Gyroway… or how to go up and down our plots of Cabernet Franc in a very unusual, nay, gyroscopic way!

Idea n° 3: an aperitif on the Loire

A wine tasting out on the water…

Let our favourite boatmen fill your eyes and your tastebuds with delight on a special outing in a toue, a traditional Loire vessel, with tasting thrown in…

Idea n°4: Bourgueil dining !

Combine gastronomy and oenology !

Conviviality guaranteed !

Bourgueil dining ! A chef, a winemaker, a convivial dinner… and you !

Dedicate an evening to discovering the subtleties of combining wine with food…

Idea n°5: getting into a winemaker’s skin

Grape-harvesting the old-fashioned or traditional way, it’s up to you !

Pruning vines, thinning them, harvesting the bunches… What about becoming an apprentice winemaker for a day?

Idea n°6: A hike through the vines

On foot

By bike

Or on horseback

Imagine vines as far as the eye can see, birds singing along the peaceful slope, the lovely Loire air with its special micro-climate… no excuses, get your trainers on and head out for a hike, on a special trail, or go by bike… or even zumba through our vineyards !


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