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The leisurely Loire


This loop is one of the longest in Touraine, taking you past Bourgueil (see the Abbey, "Jean Carmet" wine centre and...

Fine wines and buildings


Pedal off towards the vine-covered terraces and hillsides of the Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil appellations!...

Art and clay


Pop back to the time of the crusades! Two crusaders built a picturesque church at Les Essards, which awaits a visit...

The tree, from roots to top


To know everything there is to know about trees, from the roots to the top, follow this original path guided by...

Le Val Joyeux lake and Touraine...


Deep in the countryside, this cycling trail takes you to the beach at Le Val Joyeux lake, which is very popular in...

Wild or tamed nature


From Lake Rillé, a wild bird reserve, head out along a forest path as far as Breil, where a little detour will take...

Between hillside and valley


You can expect some gentle slopes along this trail given its name, the effort will all be worth it though with...

The Val Joyeux lake


Château-la-Vallière is a town named after Louis XIV’s mistress, Louise de Vallière, whose natural setting is...

Nature and sculpture


A scenic trail past Lake Rillé and through pretty little forest paths a long way from any busy road traffic: in...

Between woodland and châteaux


To kick off or to round off, why not visit Château de Gizeux, which once belonged to the family of the poet Joachim du...

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