A magnificent golf course awaits you at the Château des Sept Tours! Whether an experienced or amateur golfer, you’ll be enchanted by the magical setting, beside a splendid castle surrounded by its own woods.

Play like Tiger Woods !

Who says playing golf is just a matter of taking a walk to place a little ball in a hole, 18 times in a row? It’s far more complex and involving… to discover this, why not try your hand at golf here !

Which clubs do I need ? Woods, irons, wedges ?

The game is a little more complicated than many others. But I’m on for it. Teeing off, I take my first stroke, then a second, and a third… and the ball goes in the hole! That’s a double-bogey to start with! For a first attempt, not bad going! On rare occasions, luck may smile on you; at many other times, the ball ends in a bunker… That won’t put you off if determined. And strolling along in the shade of the trees at the Château des Sept Tours, it’s lovely taking one’s time.

The Château des Sept Tours provides an idyllic setting for spending a lovely afternoon practising golf, by yourself, with the family, or among friends.


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