Fair ladies, brave knights, admire the drawbridge going up before your very eyes… The Château de Langeais is one of the last castles in France to have kept its working pont-levis. You must admit, it would be a pity to miss such a spectacle.

watch the spectacle from a café terrace !

Every morning, the drawbridge opens to allow visitors in, and every evening, it closes up again. This drawbridge is always on duty, the whole year round… However, in summer, it performs its duties more often, as more visitors come to see it !


Take a seat at the terrace of Le Pont-Levis or La Maison Rabelais, close to the castle entrance, and wait for a troubadour to appear for the show to commence! As he clowns about, taste a delicious ice cream, savouring all the delights of holidays here. The attraction of Langeais’s drawbridge attracts gourmets as well as simple onlookers!


  • Château et parc de Langeais
  • You can watch the drawbridge come down and go back up any day of the year; times vary according to opening and closing times.
  • The show ‘Le pont-levis s’actionne’ – duration: 10 minutes.
  • This is a fun show based around the drawbridge in high summer. From 11 July to 26 August, Wednesdays to Sundays, at 1.15pm.
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