Every Tuesday in summer, as night falls, the Château de Gizeux opens its door to visitors to enjoy a mysterious tour, with guides dressed in period costume…

Travel back in time accompanied by iconic figures in the château’s life, wandering along by their side, your way simply lit by candlelight.

Enjoy the charm and simplicity of a tour transporting you back through history, as the present-day owners of the château bring its fascinating past to life. Learn about the grand Du Bellay family, who owned the castle for 350 years, about Princess Marie d’Yvetôt, the marquises of Contades, and the Laffon family.

By flickering candlelight, intrigued onlookers also discover a startling gallery recalling the time when the château was home to a school of art. Bolder visitors may even enjoy coming in their own historic costume, joining even more fully in this voyage back in time…


Reaching the drawing room, listen to very princess who ordered them tell the story of the castle’s paintings, which prove quite unique…

Discover a château across the centuries, as our ancestors would have seen it. Finish your tour in the cellars, enjoying a tasting to finish off this time-travelling evening.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION / Tours by candlelight :
Château de Gizeux 37340 GIZEUX – (0)2 47 96 45 18
Candle-lit tours every Tuesday evening at 9pm, from 10 July to 28 August 2018. In French only. Advance booking recommended.
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