To add a vintage feel to your holidays, head to Rillé…

Take a trip into the past!

Get ready to experience a lovely, timeless voyage on an historic locomotive. Jules, the station master, awaits visitors on the quay. “All aboard!” You settle into your seat. The steam pours out. The whistle blows. We’re off !
The carriages rock gently. As the train runs beside Rillé Lake, nostalgia takes over. Everything appears as in days gone by: the ticket-puncher, the smell of coal, the leather seats… even the cows beside the track ! You may begin to imagine the sound of an accordion and girls in floral dresses !

A little further on, campers and walkers wave at us. We cross woods as nature takes centre stage. As to Rillé Lake, what a view! Everyone agrees what lovely trip this is.

It’s an outing that plunges you into a deliciously vintage atmosphere, ideal for getting your stay off to a relaxing start.


  • Train à vapeur de Rillé (Rillé steam train) /Dépôt AECFM, Les Pierruches Lac de Rillé 37340 RILLE
  • Leaves every 45 minutes, every day, in high season
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Info & reservations: +33 (0)2 47 96 42 91
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