En garde! Knights and princesses, head out in the footsteps of Anne of Brittany or seek out historic treasures at the Château de Gizeux…

It’s not always obvious how to make a tour of a château seem interesting to our little ones! Luckily, in the Touraine Nature area, those who run our castles have used their imaginations to give them an unforgettable welcome

Lead your children into the heart of history via playful, educational, magical tours, making for exceptional adventures !

the outbuildings at the Château de Gizeux


Discovering Gizeux without the parents in tow !

At the Château de Gizeux, your children can travel back in time on special tours. Getting dressed up in costume, they can learn how people lived in this château in centuries past, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Is that the end of the tour? Not at all, it’s now time for a craft class… making your own coat of arms, or bread, or gardening at the foot of the château… every day, the class changes. To finish with a flourish, the whole family can join in a treasure hunt !

the surprising gallery at Gizeux

tours in costumes for children visiting Gizeux


Château de Gizeux 37340 GIZEUX

  • Tours in costume: for 4 to 12 year-olds, without any supplement
  • Advance booking recommended
  • Duration: 1h
  • Only during school holidays, tours beginning at 3pm

Visit Langeais with Anne of Brittany at your side

Heading over to the Château de Langeais, Anne of Brittany ‘herself’ will take your children on a memorable journey into the past. Young lords and ladies, dressed in period costume, follow Anne around the castle, learning about daily life at court… Who knows, she may even tell them her own story and how she became queen of France here, getting married at Langeais Castle!

Don’t miss a walk around the castle grounds. As well as clambering up to the old keep, there’s a children’s play area, plus an outsized tree-hut set in a cedar.


tours in costume at the Château de Langeais

young ladies and gentlemen prepare for their tour…

and the visit can start !

PRACTICAL INFORMATION / Château et Parc de Langeais 37130 LANGEAIS

  • ‘Visite avec Anne de Bretagne’: for 7 to 12 year-olds, without any supplement
  • Advance booking recommended
  • Duration: 1h
  • Only during school holidays
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