Local legend recounts that the giant Gargantua, before crossing the Loire to return to his native Chinon, dropped a boot, stirring up the ground, giving rise to Mont Sigou, a hill with unbeatable views over the Loire Valley…

Enjoy a calm, idyllic stop in the heart of Bourgueil’s vineyards

At Ingrandes de Touraine, Mont Sigou is a hill that offers breath-taking views over the Loire Valley from Ussé to Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. Stop here and you to be thrilled by the sight, as the history of a whole valley appears to unfold before you…

For I was born and fed, when I was young, in the garden of France, that is, Touraine.
– François Rabelais, author of

An unrivalled view over the Loire Valley

An unusual picnic table

Local winemaker Philippe Boucard of Lamé Deslile Boucard had the great idea of playing on the story of Gargarntua’s accidental creation of Mont Sigou, by setting up a massive barrel on its top, one worthy of the local giant. The barrel from our vine-grower’s winery was transformed into a picnic table, for locals and tourists alike to enjoy on the spot, sharing a drink, a meal and a moment among friends.

A viewing table and panels relate stories from the stretch of the Loire Valley laid out in front of you. The tale of Rabelais’s fabled giant Gargantua is told alongside that of another major Touraine figure, Saint Martin. It was said that as his dead body was carried upstream by boat to Tours in November 397, the plants beside the Loire burst into blossom again.

Open your eyes wide and take in the majestic setting stretching out in front of you…

Accessible year-round, from this spot, discover how the vines change with the seasons! 
Accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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