“Since this morning, we’ve tackled 32 kilometres. We’ve made so many new discoveries in the course of the day; we’d decided to reduce our daily target to give us time to visit the Château de Villandry and its famed French-style gardens, both unmissable.”

“It’ll soon be 7pm. The sky is taking on beautiful marbled tones. The Loire looks magnificent. It’s surprised us, since the start of our journey, the way it changes every day.

crédit David Darrault

At any time of day or night, the Loire offers an enchanting spectacle…

Our legs are beginning to ache, but the thought of a refreshing shower gives us an extra burst of energy. Our roadbook indicates we should turn right at the next crossroads to reach Langeais, the town where we’re stopping for the night. We’re going to cross the mighty Loire here. What a wonderful surprise, spotting the superb bridge in front of us – an impressive suspension bridge, with outsized cables and supporting towers built in the style of a Gothic fortification. We can’t help but dismount to take in the stunning sight.

The remarkable architecture of Langeais Bridge

The view of Langeais from the opposite bank

“We’ve got a front-row seat for the show Mother Nature is putting on! The sweeping ballet of birds reflects the curving shapes of the Loire’s sandbanks. As the sun gently goes down, it imparts an entrancing light and fascinating reflections over the Loire.”

It’s quite simply magical!


  • For further information, please consult our local tourist offices.
  • Contact us at Langeais on tel +33 (0)
    or at Bourgueil on tel +33 (0)


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