Embark upon a Loire riverboat and let yourself be tempted by Touraine titbits as you drift along, enjoying an aperitif, tasting the local wines and an array of regional specialities…  

Relishing a peaceful, timeless moment

Embark upon a unique journey…

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this stretch of the Loire is hard to beat for an aperitif!

As you pass beside a tree, the setting sun pierces through the leaves and the shimmering light is reflected onto the regal river as the toue moves silently upriver, allowing you to observe the Loire close up.

At one end of the boat, I can see a man preparing aperitifs while I can relax, anticipating tasting all those goodies…

Make the most of the exceptional views

And discover Touraine specialities

We’re brought drinks and nibbles as aperitif time arrives!

Time stands still for a few seconds as each person on board savours the calm delights of the moment. What a privilege, enjoying such unique moments in such a matchless setting…


Enjoy these discoveries without moderation!


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