Whether your palette is more atuned to savoury or sweet delights, make sure you sample the lovely restaurants around Touraine Nature! Touraine has a reputation to maintain as the Garden of France, with fine gastronomic traditions going from cheese and charcuterie to dried fruits, all to be accompanied by a nice glass of wine…

Le Moulin Bleu


Vaulted stone dining room set in a converted 15th-century windmill. Large, sheltered terrace. Panoramic view over the...

L’écu de France


Flower-lined terrace in the summertime.



Restaurant located in the heart of Bourgueil by the covered market. For family or business meals. 2 dining rooms in a...

Vincent Cuisinier de Campagne


Located in the heart of the vineyards, dominated by the Mont Sigou, the atmosphere of our restaurant is widely inspired...

Le Bistro


Le Bouff’tard


Authentic local cuisine, with home-made specialties served by the owner and a warm, bustling atmosphere.

Restaurant de la Mère Hamard


Old townhouse in the heart of the village. Comfortable dining room, great service, traditional cuisine.

Au Coin des Halles


A classic bistro with a gastronomic touch, set in an old stone townhouse where classic furnishings are combined with a...

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