The Parc Naturel Régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine stretches across two French counties, or départements. Get to know this exceptional protected park, part of the Loire Valley’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoying the many walks and activities available…

Learn about the park as you walk along !

Benais interpretive trail

The Parc Naturel Loire Anjou Touraine encourages visitors to follow its interpretive trails. Each is well signposted, with educational, playful panels focusing on a particular theme, so you can learn about local history along the way.

Taking you off the well-trodden paths, these trails present new angles on the Loire Valley as you discover a multitude of hidden riches, awakening your curiosity and imagination!

Within Touraine Nature, at Gizeux and Benais, follow the wooden signposts along two such trails. Along the way, you’ll find explanations and games helping you understand ‘The Tree, from its roots to its top’ and ‘The Double Life of the Slope’!

The goals of a Parc Naturel Régional (or PNR)

The Park strives to protect the area’s natural environment and to teach as many as possible about it.

Created in 1996, the Parc Naturel Régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine includes 115 parishes, 10 of which are in Touraine Nature country. All are strongly committed to preserving the park’s heritage and putting to the fore local resources.

As with all French Regional Natural Parks, the PNR Loire-Anjou-Touraine is tasked with putting into action missions on five specific fronts:

  • Protecting and managing the park’s natural and cultural heritage
  • Directing planning and infrastructure around the park
  • Economic and social development of the area
  • Welcoming people to the park and educating and informing them
  • Experimentation and research

Activities within the Park:

The Park regularly organizes events and heritage outings with its partners. All these activities enable visitors to uncover the riches of the area covered by the Park.

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