Embark on the biggest treasure hunt in the world and discover Touraine while you’re having fun along the way! Trying out geocaching offers a great way of getting off the beaten track and adding excitement to visiting an area.


Every person’s experience is everyone’s treasure,

French poet Gérard de Nerval

A secretive global game !

If it’s true that geocaching involves something of a secret society, don’t go imagining robbers’ underground hideouts… that would be getting a bit carried away!

Geo-caching… hiding in the earth… geocaching is perhaps the only secret activity whose aim is to be uncovered!

There’s no conspiracy theory to unearth, just a host of little containers hidden around the planet by the community of crazy geocachers… so that others might find them… but above all, so that others should discover the beauty of the spots where they’ve been left.

Geocachers superior to tourist office staff?

We who work in tourist offices have to keep up, as geocachers are veritable ambassadors for their destinations. From the most touristy spots to the most remote corners of our forests, where there are little geocaching containers, or caches, to discover is an indication that the chosen site is worth a detour. And what’s great is that that’s always the case!

Some startling figures from 2017 :

  • Over three million active caches laid across the world
  • Over 70,000,000 geocachers have unearthed caches around the globe

    A cache in the Bourgueil vineyards

    A cache at the foot of the Château de Langeais


Geocaching, how does it work?

Skills needed? Being playful; having patience; being respectful, even eco-responsible; showing curiosity… and that’s about it!

Equipment needed ? A GPS device or smartphone with the Geocaching® app

  • We geolocate the caches in the surrounding area and off we go
  • We sometimes solve the riddle quickly, but we sometimes (or often) beat about the bush
  • We quietly unearth the treasured container (be it tiny, small, large… or virtual)
  • We write our name in the logbook, showing we’ve come along and made the discovery
  • We put everything back in place without letting anyone else see us
  • We’re elated, of course! Plus we’ve learnt a great deal on the area.

In Touraine Nature, along the Loire à Vélo cycle route, at the foot of our châteaux, in the midst of our vineyards and forests, beside our splendid lakes… Touraine’s geocachers keep a close watch on their caches and have concocted some wonderful discoveries for you… so what are you waiting for? Will you be FTF (First To Find)?

To start playing:


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